3 Extravagant Gifts for a Sad Neighbor

3 Extravagant Gifts for a Sad Neighbor

If you notice your neighbor is rather down, a random act of kindness and generosity will cheer him up. Giving him a basket of goodies might do the trick.

But if you can afford to go the extravagant route, why not do it?

Here are some gifts you might want to pass on.


First, find out what type of lawn your neighbor has so you could give him the best lawnmower there is.

If you want help with this, check out this reference. It will walk you through the essentials about choosing a lawnmower.

A lawnmower makes a practical gift for your neighbor. It will make him happy and offer him a time-saving solution, too. With the tool, he can trim down grass much faster and tend to his lawn better!

For instance, if you see him cutting his front lawn’s grass manually, it looks like he would appreciate a lawnmower.

Food Processor

Did you know that you could prepare a satisfying meal with nothing but your ingredients and a food processor?

So if your neighbor has yet to own a food processor, go ahead and make his day. Especially if he is into cooking raw foods, he would love a first-rate food processor. This equipment can help him grind solid foods much faster and easier!

Into a food processor, he can toss in whole carrots, garlic, onions, and more and have them all processed as soon as possible. With this tool, he’s bound to worry less whenever foods are involved.

Best of all, this is a breeze to clean. If your neighbor owns a dishwasher, he can simply load it into the cleaner and wait.


Does your neighbor love baking pies? Is he into cookies? How about roasting meat?

If he is, then an oven seems a nice appliance to give. The fact that an oven can perform multiple functions is a big plus. With it, you just made his life much easier!

Among the favorite things that people with ovens make with this appliance are potatoes. They use it to bake potatoes to perfection.

Well, you could fill your neighbor in on that.

Who knows? He just might invite you over for an eating spree!

Final Thoughts

Beyond giving a gift, you should also be there for your neighbor because he’s sad. Sure, whatever material item you give him will help put a smile on his face.

But do you know what else can and what’s better?

Your presence!