Search Engine Marketing for Dummies

Search Engine Marketing for Dummies

This is going to be an absolute crash course on dominating the search engines organically and paid so get ready and fasten your seat belts. Before we start I like to express my special thanks to Income Artist for showing me the right path to online success.

An Online Presence

There are multiple ways to achieve this, if short on a budget simply create a blog at, Tumblr, or Blog Spot. More of a social marketer? Create an account at Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn as search engines aren’t strictly limited to Google. In most cases, you will need a website though as all those third-party platforms don’t always allow to monetize your channel the way you want to.

Publishing Content

Search engines rank content so you want to make sure your content is stellar. In-depth pieces are doing it very well on blogs and often hardly need any links to rank for longtail keywords. If you want to compete with the big boys you will need a ton of links as longtail traffic with no strength behind it is rather limited in size.

Ranking Content

The easiest way to rank content in Google or Youtube is by building links to your posts or videos. Not just any links though, contextual links are what you want to put your main focus on. Those contextual links that need to be published on domains with some power behind it, this can be private blog networks or it can be established sites from other individuals. Sure there are free publication platforms like Medium but they receive so many posts that if there was any strength it will soon be gone, or worse, you get published on a subdomain.

Social Influence

What most people forget is the way how people engage with you has a strong effect on your rankings. The more comments your blog posts receive, or the more likes you receive on Facebook, the more popular the content is and the search engine will rank it accordingly. We now live in 2019 and people still underestimate this heavily under-utilized technique to get ahead of their competitors.

Paid Marketing

This is a tough one and deserves a post of its own to explain it in great detail, there are simply too many bells and whistles to cover this in a four hundred words post so perhaps if I have time next week I will devote a post on just that so stick with me!