10 Ways to Naturally Reduce Anxiety

10 Ways to Naturally Reduce Anxiety

If you ever had anxiety or it being a persistent problem in your life you know how terrible it can be, sure you can take some valium or Xanax but before you know it you build up a tolerance and nothing works anymore. It’s better to use some natural ways to fix this once and for all so let’s talk about some of them.


You might not have thought of this or are too lazy for it but exercising is the greatest anxiety reliever on the planet, and not only for your emotional health, but your physics will also improve big time.


Or better-said stop smoking, few people realize that this cigarette that makes you feel relax at the same time contributes to your anxiety, so think again before you lit another one


Perhaps it’s time to stop drinking coffee in the morning for your wake-up boost and take something else instead that doesn’t contain caffeine, the same applies to Coke Cola or Red Bull or any energy drink that contains a lot of caffeine.


A good nights rest does wonders for your body as well as for your anxiety. If you have trouble sleeping or only manage to sleep 4-5 hours in a row it’s time to visit your local herb shop to see if they have something to get you through the night.


Please don’t confuse this with cannabis as we already said that smoking increases your anxiety, there’s something new though called CBD oil and there’s a lot to say about it but I leave that to the experts over here: “Best CBD Oil for Chronic Back Pain (2018 Guide) – Free Your Spine“, although that article is about back pain its full of information about the benefits of it.


Eating healthy will have a huge impact on your anxiety. I get it, you’re in a hurry or your anxiety stops you from going to the supermarket and wait in a long line. Perhaps you can change your schedule so that you don’t stop at the drive-in in the safety of your own car or order fast-food deliveries. Start with the previous methods first and I’m sure you’ll have enough courage to hit up that supermarket to get some healthy foods home.


If you deal with acute anxiety or panic attacks then this is probably the most effective short-term solution for you. Breath in, hold your breath for 5 seconds, breath out in another 5 seconds, repeat this for a few minutes, perhaps with your eyes closed and you’ll feel the anxiety slipping away.