Diesel Generators Offer Good Quality For Their Money

Diesel-fueled generators are still a popular option, even though there are considerably fewer diesel models as compared to the wealth of gas and propane generators available.

Standard and safety features

Most diesel generators have a maximum 7000W output, a single cylinder diesel engine that runs quietly, is air cooled, and feature an electric key start, autostart, or both. Typically included outlets are 120 V, 120 V twist lock, and 120 V/240 V twist lock; the more outlets, the better, especially if you plan to use it at home, maybe in an emergency.

For many people, the safety features of their units are important, so, to protect your generator against power surges, look for a model that has voltage regulation. Aside from circuit protection, a feature that shuts the generator down automatically when it is running low on oil is just as useful.

Portability versus power

Many times, when it comes to generators, you must decide between portability and power. Bulkier, less aesthetic generators are also more powerful, but some heavier models come equipped with wheels so that you can easily maneuver them, so you may be able to find a unit that offers both.

A note on older models

Many models are out of stock, primarily because they are non-CARB compliant, or few units are still left, usually at an affordable price. Therefore, if you decide to purchase an older model, make sure to check the manufacture date of your unit, because the battery may be dead, and in need of charging or even replacing.

Before purchasing your unit, check its tank capacity and the maximum length of time it can run with both a full load and a half load; for instance, a full 4-gallon diesel tank will run for a maximum of seven to ten hours. Note that diesel generators usually let out some smoke when you first start them, but this is normal. You can find more information on diesel units by browsing websites such as House of Generators.